I’ve Been a Dependent of an Active Duty Military Member

Anyone can say, “I support the military and it’s family members”. However, not too many actually lived the military life and know the sacrifices we make each and every day.

I have lived the military life as an active dependent for 20 years. Why active dependent? I have not only supported the squadrons as a dependent, I have also worked on military bases as a civilian employee, supporting the various missions and its members. I have volunteered endless hours without much thinking of the word volunteering as a job. Once you are military, you are military family to all military families: It never goes away.

Support and trust, and going the extra mile for you is in my nature.

So, you need a Real Estate agent you can count on. Call me.

Special Needs and Requirements of Military Home Buyers

I understand your special needs and requirements. I understand the loan programs that are in your best interest. I work for you even before you arrive in your new state of residence. If you are coming from a different state or from oversees, it has no impact on what we can get done for you before you travel to your new home.

Member of the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals

Recently, I joined the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP). As a VAREP representative, I am so proud support veteran families in any way I can. You can look forward to my updates as I receive valuable information that is available for veterans.

A service that we provide free of charge like the Military by Owner web page helpful tips.

Please use Information as  you need it- For Assistance in your Real Estate or Property Management needs please call or email me anytime. I am happy to assist you.

Tip: PCS: What Military Families Need to Know About Long-Term Storage Long-term storage is the most likely option when you can’t take all of your belongings to the next duty station. You might find yourself choosing between government paid facilities or self paid options . Applying for NTS is specific to your destination and years in service, as each rank is only allowed a certain amount of weight per move, also known as weight entitlements.

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